About Neem Products

High-Quality Neem Source

At The Neem Queen, our raw Neem inputs are sourced as far as possible from locally owned and grown Neem Trees with any shortfall supplemented by high-quality imported product. Neem is a most normally utilized magnificence ingredient and, without a doubt, demonstrates a skin marvel.

The raw products are gently harvested and dried naturally before being inspected for quality control purposes. The leaves, bark, and twigs are then crushed and made into extracts (tinctures). Our seed oil is cold-pressed and is 100% pure with no additives and no extractions, just as nature intended. All products are of the highest grade and very affordable.

Neem leaves, bark, and seeds have been used in traditional medicines in India for centuries. Neem is perceived as a beauty aid. Powdered leaves, for example, are a significant component of widely used facial creams. Purified neem oil is also used in nail polish and other cosmetics.


Great outcome: I used Neem on Hueys chafed skin folds in front of the girth (fat man syndrome!!😝) and couldn’t believe it immediately reduced the swelling and heat and seemed to soothe the skin! Galling was nonexistent!!

Certainly can recommend now for girth galls and chafing!

Just a note to say thanks….I have been putting Neem Oil on my old dog for bad skin for 3 months.

Her hair has grown back, she is obviously more comfortable and in a better place. Prior to this, she has been on cortisone tablets for over ten years. She is now drug-free. You did in 3 mths what the vet could not do in over ten years.

I took her to the vet yesterday to show him….he was amazed and impressed….and I gave him your Facebook page as he is going to get some too!

Best thing I’ve found to clear up rain scald is Neem Oil, I only have to use it once or twice, it’s quite amazing, and the hair grows back the original colour.

... that Neem oil is amazing. It’s helped her sooo much, and also, the few spots my boy had on him from his rain scald have cleared up too!!!

How awesome is Neem!

This oil (applied neat in conjunction with flamazine and prednoderm initially) has supercharged the healing process.

Minimal proud flesh, post 12 weeks, I only used Neem in bandages.

We didn't even think this horse would be paddock sound, and she is now happily cantering around soon to begin her post-racing career.

I use it now on EVERYTHING! Small cuts, fungal spots, and rubs, PLUS applied to their legs, means NO BOT FLIES!

Thank you, The Neem Queen, for this awesome product. HIGHLY RECOMMEND that everyone has a bottle in their first aid kit/tack box!